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About Rani P Collaborations

Rani P Collaborations inspires conversations, self reflection and social change through performing arts.

About Rani Pramesti

Rani Pramesti is a proud Chinese-Javanese-Indonesian-Australian woman.

Before jumping heart-first into the arts, Rani practiced as a social worker in homeless shelters and refugee support organisations in Sydney.

Now, as a performance maker, an intercultural producer and an advocate for the arts, Rani revels in the interface between social justice and the arts. She builds bridges across cultures, generations and disciplines.

As founder of Rani P Collaborations, Rani leads the creation of performances that inspire conversations, self-reflection and social change. Her most recent performance work, Sedih // Sunno, premiered at Next Wave Festival 2016 and Metro Arts to critical acclaim.

Throughout 2013-2017, Rani dedicated her producing and advocacy practice to collaborating with culturally diverse young people in Melbourne’s West at Footscray Community Arts Centre, Maribyrnong City Council and Western Edge Youth Arts.

Rani is currently in Indonesia until early 2018, developing several creative projects involving Indonesian-Australian collaborations.

See Rani’s CV here.

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